"Most modes of Inquiry..rely on concepts as basic tools of their trade:They are  abstractions....they resemble organize some kind of underlying raw reality ." 
Fred Massarik, Human Systems Development 1985
Together with various cooperation partners, the Trias network has a long tradition of conferences that were held at regular intervals:
2006 Transition  and Transformation 
2009 Transformation and Leadership 
With ETH and Trias and Technopark

Keynotes and Workshops : 
Edgar H. Schein "The four faces of Leadership"
Buch und Video, EHP: Führung und Veränderungsmanagement : Edgar Schein, Gerhard Fatzer

Fred Massarik (UCLA) "The journey of Life"
Video, can be bought at Trias©

Carolyn Lukensmeyer (America Speaks)
Democracy and Large Groups
Video, at Trias©
with GDI and Frischer Wind

Edgar H. Schein "Transformation and Leadership"  
Video, Trias© can be bought

Barbara Kellerman (Kennedy School of Government, Harvard) 
Video ©Bad Leadership: Leaders and Followers
2011 Inspiration and Organisation
2013 Humble Inquiry 
Mit IBM Research, Rüschlikon

Larry Lippitt 
Preferred Futuring and the History of Group Dynamics 
Video Trias© buy

Edgar H. Schein: Humble Inquiry
Video © Trias
Mit IBM Research Rüschlikon

Edgar H. Schein 

Process Consultation, Humble Inquiry.
Long video, ©Trias

Culture Concepts and new developments.
Long Video, © Trias

Humble Inquiry
Three coachings by Ed Schein
Long Video ©Trias
2014 Humble Inquiry 
2017 Humble Leadership 
With IBM Research, Rueschlikon

Humble Inquiry : General Introduction
by Ed Schein
Long Video ©Trias

Humble Inquiry for Teams

Humble Inquiry for Organisations
two long videos ©Trias

Discussion with Ed Schein and two half groups
two long videos ©Trias
With University of Applied Business, HWZ Zurich

Gerhard Fatzer "Ed Schein: The phases of his work"

Daniel Schmid (HWZ) "Journey to Trstna" 

Workshops with companies

Edgar H. Schein "Humble Leadership" (Keynote streamed)

5 videos mit Ed Schein ©HWZ, Trias
2021 "Ed Schein: The Spirit of Inquiry", 

Special Conference : 30 years of Trias Institute

Otto Scharmer, M.I.T. "Ed Schein and Theory U" Keynote and Workshop

Ed Schein , live stream
Zurich,   19th of March 2021
With HWZ , Trias and EZI

Otto Scharmer, M.I.T. Sloan , Presencing Institute

Break out groups (different tracks)

Gerhard Fatzer /Daniel Schmid
 Background and History
Peter Senge, Soc.of Org. Learning, M.I.T. Sloan
"Crisis and Change"

Dialogue and Groups

Edgar H. Schein , M.I.T. Sloan (live streaming from Palo Alto)
"The Spirit of Inquiry"
Keynote and dialogue

Apero Riche

Presentation of the book:
Gerhard Fatzer, John Van Maanen et al. "Ed Schein: The Spirit of Inquiry", Univ. of Innsbruck Press 2019.


  Detailed Program

13.00  Check In/Registration

 13.30  Opening remarks by the hosts: Gerhard Fatzer, Daniel   Schmid
13.45   Claus Otto Scharmer (M.I.T. Sloan/Pres. Institute/USA)
            Ed Schein: The spirit of Inquiry and todays challenges
Keynote and questions
15.15   Break

15.30 to 17.00  Breakout groups: 
. Intrinsic : Learning for the future: Theory U as a basis for the school of the future (CM)
. Challenges of todays world of corporations: EZI Group
. Challenges of today s world of work: A jazz music perspective
:Daniel C. Schmid
 short   Break

 Questions for the dialogue with Ed.

17.15 to 18.15  "Dialogue with Ed Schein: The Spirit of Inquiry"      
(live stream)
18. 20 Apero Riche

Location : Zurich/Glattfelden Riverside Seminar Hotel
Discounts for Alumnis and special groups apply

Terms and conditions
Refund of conference fees
Until 30 days before the conference: 50% of the fee will be refunded
Until 10 days before the conference : 10% of the fee will be refunded.
Any cancellation of your registration must at all times be confirmed or notified in writing.
Less than 10 days before the conference: 100 % of the fee will be levied and will be payable.

Special conference "Ed Schein:The Spirit of Inquiry"
Trias together with HWZ and EZI will host a special Conference for Ed Scheins 92 nd in Zurich,  19th of March 2021 .

The gifts for the conference
. "Ed Schein: The Spirit of Inquiry" Innsbruck 2019
.Egon Zehnder : Terra Incognita
"Wir sollten einander kennenlernen", Interview with Edgar H. Schein
Introductory: GFatzer "Humble Leadership and Ed Schein"

Gerhard Fatzer/John Van Maanen/Wolfgang G. Weber/Daniel C. Schmid "Ed Schein: The Spirit of Inquiry"
The book for Ed Schein s 92nd  Birthday will be presented at the conference.

Table of Contents and Contributors:
Colleagues: John Van Maanen, Lotte Bailyn (M.I.T. Sloan)
Otto Scharmer, Peter Senge (M.I.T. Sloan)
Students: Nitin Nohria (HBS), Stephen Barley (Stanford/UCSB), Jane E. Salk (UT Dallas), Deborah Dougherty (Rutgers), Gideon Kunda (Tel Aviv Univ.), Gibb Dyer (Brigham Univ. of Utah)
Family: Peter Schein (OCLI), Daniel C. Schmid (HWZ)
European friends: Sabina Schoefer (VHS Bremen/Hochschule  Bremen), Wolfgang G. Weber (Univ. of Innsbruck), Gerhard Fatzer (Trias, Univ.of Innsbruck)

University of Innsbruck Press, 2019.
ISBN-NR. 978-3-903187-39-9.

"Das echte Gespräch bedeutet, aus dem Ich heraustreten und  an die Türe des Du klopfen..."
Albert Camus
An absolute USP of our Trias Masterclass is surely that our institute and network is connected with three outstanding networks at M.I.T.. Especially in the person of our long-time mentor Edgar H. Schein and his son Peter Schein, including John Van Maanen from the Organization Studies Group, Otto Scharmer with his MIT. u Hub and his Presencing Institute and Peter Senge with the Society of Organizational Learning (SOL), we have cooperation partners who can easily be connected in the form of streaming. Otto and Peter can also be live with our group.
Life Streaming is supplemented by a large number of exclusive educational films which we have recorded over the years with all our external partners such as Ed Schein, Larry Lippitt, Fred Massarik and Carolyn Lukensmeyer.
On the 92 nd  birthday of Edgar H. Schein: An interview with Ed Schein: The Spirit of Inquiry
The 90th birthday of Edgar H. Schein was celebrated in 2018, through interviews and a conference with  HWZ,

The jubilee conference will be taking place in 2021, where Otto Scharmer from M.I.T. gives the keynote speech "Edgar H. Schein: The Spirit of Inquiry"
Daniel Schmid (HWZ) Humble Inquiry: The trip to TRSTNA
Workshops and Video Keynote Edgar H. Schein (Palo Alto)
The Spirit of Inquiry"